The Best Code printer is one that you’ll want to have in your line of products. It is great for producing best before dates, lot and batch codes, sell by, expiration codes and any other marking required. It prints at high rates of speed and is operated by the touch screen allowing for easy changes and simplified monitoring. The industrial design is made for extreme environments so it can work in tough manufacturing plants that produce wood pallets, cements, and other potentially messy environments.

Some examples of surfaces that work great with the C80 series printers are plastic, glass and paper. Food manufacturing and packaging plants take advantage of its ability to print well on various surfaces without the quality of the print suffering.

If you’re looking for more information on the Best Code you can contact our sales rep, Shawnna Turner or download additional information on the Spec Sheet below. We would be happy to provide you with a quote as well as to go over how it would work for your specific needs.


  • Best Before, Lot and Batch Codes, Sell By, Expiration Codes and other identifying marks
  • High speed, industrial stainless steel printheads
  • 10.4″ Colour LCD Touch Interface with large, intuitive icon-based buttons
  • “WYSIWYG” view provides realistic preview of print message with “Drag & Drop” features
  • Industrial design for extreme environments
  • Inks of quick dry inks including MEK, Acetone, Ethanol and Acetone/Ethanol blended inks
Best Code great for fruit and package marking