Handheld Branding Iron Models

Comes in 200, 300 & 400 Watts

The handheld Branding Iron is great for manually stamping your logo and product information on your projects while the Drill Press Branding Iron allows for you to use it in a production type environment and can apply the brands at a faster pace.

With the Handheld Branding Iron we offer three different models providing different branding temperatures for different jobs. As your jobs range, so do our marking solutions. The ranges permit it to mark on anything from leather to harder products such as rubber and tougher woods. The Handheld Branding Iron is best  personal jobs and smaller project

Three different models provide branding temperatures from 700°F up to 1255°F depending on the size of the branding head and the type of product being branded.

  • 200 watts: For leather, soft woods and some rubber
  • 300 watts: For mid-range woods and most rubber
  • 400 watts: For harder products requiring higher temperatures

Handheld Branding Iron Standard Pricing:

Product Iron Only Price Iron & Logo Brand Price
200 Watt WB200 $447.50 WB200L $878.25
300 Watt WB300 $505.50 WB300L $936.50
400 Watt WB400 $554.35 WB400L $985.25
branding irons

Drill Press Branding Iron Models

Come in 200, 300 & 400 watts

Designed for a production line environment, the Drill Press Branding Iron is a high performance brander that is economical and makes for an ideal tool for semi-automated branding operations. For larger operations that requires branding on numerous pieces this is the way to go.

The branding modules readily fit and adapt to most existing drill presses accepting 1/2″ shanks.

automated branding irons

Branding Iron Temperature Regulator

Optional feature makes life easy

The temperature regulator is an optional feature that is an effective and economical heat control unit that allows more flexibility in using your branding iron. By adjusting the tool’s temperature, a more uniform brand is possible.

Key Features:

  • Indexing and non-indexing models area available in both 1″ and 2″ print widths
  • The CLPs are the largest of our conveyor mounted coders and feature 18″ circumference print drums
  • Indexing models feature dual compression springs mounted over stainless steel guide shafts which results in extremely fast indexing action and unsurpassed durability

Temperature Regulator Standard Pricing:

ID Price
WBTR $335.25
branding iron temperature regulator

Branding Head Options

Custom Branding Head Options Available

Branding heads are cast of solid bronze for good heat retention and long life. There are two basic style of branding heads:

Key Features:

  • Logo Brand: Engraved to order from a customer supplied artwork
  • Custom Brand: Upper case Gothic style letters and numerals to present a message.
branding iron head options