Coding & Marking

Our contact  and non-contact product coding solutions range in capabilities and applications. We offer products that print on porous surfaces as well as non-porous surfaces.

Best Code

The Best Code is an ideal solution for fruit & vegetable industries as it’s powerful throw distance permits it to print on objects of varying shapes & sizes.

Squid Ink Series 

The Squid Ink Series Inkjet Printers offer solutions to numerous marking challenges as we carry three different types with different capabilities for your convenience.

Reiner Handheld

The Reiner Handheld Inkjet Printer is a great solution for manual coding on items that aren’t on automated production lines. Code with ease with this light handheld option.

Label Guns

Label guns for all applications. Pricing and custom establishment numbers on products of all shapes and sizes. Virtually jam-proof for your marking convenience.

m-15 mini Coder for Plastic and metal parts

M-15 Mini Coder

Ideal for plastic and metal parts, foils, polyethylene, waxed or varnished paper products. Up to 120 intermittent impressions per minute.

Corrugated Box Packaging

Roller Coders for Porous Surfaces

For porous surfaces only, they are built for harsh environments and are extremely durable. Designed for mounting directly on line.

Roller Coders for Non Porous Surfaces

Roller Coders for Non Porous Surfaces

Marks non-porous surfaces only. Works great with typically problematic fast-drying inks. Compact printers available as top or side mounted.

Spot Markers for Inspecting

Spot Markers

Micro-Spray and Inspection Markers offered. Great for colour coding spots for inspections, and more. Various colour options offered.

Cement Markers

For your next cement job, permanently mark your logo on the drying cement. Customize it with your logo and finish date.   Perfect opportunity to make your mark.

Branding Irons

The number one solution for branding your logo on wood and leather surfaces. Customize your branding head for increased brand recognition. Different types and sizes offered.

Denture Marking Kits

Look to the Denture Marking Kit for marking dentures for the purpose of tracking and identification.  Great for senior homes, hospitals or even personal usage. 

Which Marking Product For Your Business?

Best Code

The Best Code printer is your top inkjet printer choice for best before dates, batch codes and more. It’s made for tough environments and important tasks. It is a staple identification tool in countless food processing facilities across Canada.

Top Applications: Best Before Dates, Batch Codes, Sell By Dates, Expiration Codes and more on perishable food items and general packaged foods.

Surfaces It Can Mark: Works great on plastic & paper surfaces.

Key Features: A full colour LED touchscreen makes changing the messaging a breeze. It provides a ‘what you see is what you get’ ability. Offers quick drying ink.

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Squid Ink Series Inkjets

Squid Ink Series Printers is a line we are proud to carry as they are innovative printers that have countless capabilities.  With three different Squid Ink Printers, the SQ/2 DOD Dot Matrix, the SQ/2 Scorpion DOD and the PZ4 Series II each specifically created for certain environments and applications. They can print on both porous and non-porous surfaces allowing markings to remain clear and consistent on any surface.

Top Applications: Excels in shipping facilities, applying lot numbers, date codes and serial numbers on packaged goods.

Surfaces It Can Mark: Different inks available to mark on both porous and non-porous surfaces.

Key Features: Variety of Print Heads & Ink types for every application

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Reiner Handheld

The Reiner handheld is a mobile, non-contact high speed sprinter. Hold it over your designated marking surface and it will do the rest. It’s great for food and beverage packaging plants as it’s easy to switch between tasks and change the coded message. The LCD display makes the product easy to use.

Top Applications: Effective for printing serial numbers on curved or rounded products because of the non-contact feature. Equally good on food items for best before dates.

Surfaces It Can Mark: Plastic, Foil, Glass, Cardboard & More. Works on both porous and non-porous surfaces.

Key Features: Comes with rechargeable batteries and station, LCD Display, handheld for mobile usage, simple menu for guidance.

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Label Guns

The Smart & Printex Label Guns are a quick and effective way of manually marking prices, best before dates and more on countless products that vary in shape and size. Great for meat packaging, produce shops, independent grocers and warehouses. Easily adjustable and comfortable to use. Our label guns offer the unique feature of combining a custom slug to include your establishment number on the label.

Top Applications: Marking pricing and establishment numbers on packaged meat, fruit and in retail environments.

Surfaces It Can Mark: Apply labels to any surface. Our freezer grade labels ensure they’ll remain on your product even if they are stored in fridges or freezers.

Key Features: Custom slug for establishment numbers, Freezer Grade Labels, Virtually Jam-Proof, Variety of Label Options, 

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M15 Mini Coder

Great for automotive assembly lines and countless other applications. It can print up to 120 impressions per minute so it can keep up with your fast paced environments. It can be mounted from the top, side or bottom if necessary providing you with a lot of flexibility for your marking. It is a simple solution for complex coding requirements.

Top Applications: Marking serial numbers on automotive assembly lines.

Surfaces It Can Mark: Plastic, Metal Parts, Foils, Polyethylene, Waxed or Varnished Paper Products

Key Features: Kiss Touch Feature, enabling it to mark on even the most sensitive materials.

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Roller Coders For Porous Surfaces

If you need printing on Porous surfaces we have the Roller Coder for you! Great for marking on cardboard boxes as they move down the production line, once your products are all packaged up the boxes still require markings. The possible markings include weight numbers, destinations, batch numbers or even your company information.

Top Applications: Creating product markings on cardboard boxes in shipping facilities. Including weight, lot numbers and ship dates.

Surfaces It Can Mark: Porous Surfaces Only

Key Features: Variety of options based on your need, from handheld to coders built for speed. Your simple solution for applying important information.

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Roller Coders For Non-Porous Surfaces

Choose from a variety of units depending on size and marking surface. These printers were made specifically for printing on non-porous surfaces, product engineering accounts for specific needs of fast drying inks. Common problems with extremely fast drying solvent based inks eliminated as a result of specific product engineering. Incorporates both ink roll and an anilox roll in tightly sealed aluminum housing which enables use of inks that dry as fast as 2 seconds.

Top Applications: Marking product information on non-porous surfaces such as plastic and metal.

Surfaces It Can Mark: Non-Porous Surfaces

Key Features: Easy to Operate and Swap Out, Fast Drying Ink

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Spot Markers

Choose from a variety of high quality contact marking solutions for your industrial needs. Mark on a variety of surfaces. Choose the best fit for your application. If unsure, contact one of our marking specialists and we’ll make sure the product works for you.

Top Applications: Applying colour coded spots for quality assurance purposes

Surfaces It Can Mark: All Surfaces

Key Features: Easy to Apply, Cost-Effective Solution

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Cement Markers

The Cement Markers are great for stamping your company name and year into new cement to celebrate a new building perhaps or a successful renovation project. For private contractors, the cement marker allows them to brand their work to create business opportunities down the road.

Top Applications: Stamping Company Name and Project Finish Date into Drying Cement

Surfaces It Can Mark: Wet Cement

Key Features: Lightweight and Durable, Only Swap Out 1 Number Year-to-Year

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Branding Irons

We offer both Handheld and Drill Press Branding Irons to brand on all finished products and goods. Mark brand name, logos, lot numbers, batch codes and more on all surfaces. Particularily effective on wood and leather. Design your own custom branding head for a touch of personalization.

Top Applications: Branding Finished Goods with Company Name

Surfaces It Can Mark: Wood, Leather, Other

Key Features: Use a Handheld Branding Iron or install one on your production line. Different power options available.

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