Much like the rest of our marking products, they are driven by a need for identification and marking; often times the produced items requiring a mark are indistinguishable and dentures are no different. Environments such as Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Dentists and numerous other care facilities can take advantage of the Copal Denture Mark-It Kit.

Seeing as Dentures need to be safe and usable on a daily basis, it’s important the marking tools for it meet those standards. The sealant applies easily and dries rapidly with no taste, it protects against moisture, wear and denture cleaners. Dentures are expensive and equally important, therefore the identification of these individual pieces is becoming increasingly important.

Some other features of the Copal Denture Marking Kit provides are the convenient storage of the parts, simple usage as well as being effective when used on for other applications. It’s built to last and work on countless other applications including eyeglass frames and hearing aids.

To find out more about the Copal Denture Mark-It Kit you can contact our sales rep or fill out our contact form below with any general inquiries and questions.

Denture Marking Kit Key Features:

  • Safe – Coating is chemically similar to the denture and will not affect soft tissue, the denture base or its fit.
  • Convenient – All parts in one handy kit.
  • Easy to Use – by professional or auxiliary staff
  • Effective – Provides legible identification for easy recognition of patient dentures.
  • Versatile – Useful for marking other hard plastic surfaces including eyeglass frames, hearing aids, shavers, tooth and hair brushes etc
Denture Marking Kit