Electrochemical Marking

Sterling Industrial Group offers products for electrochemical etching and grid marking. Our offering includes strong and reliable products that never compromise the integrity of the metal surfaces you’re marking on. We are the exclusive Canadian distributor for Lectroetch machinery and marking tools.

Lectroetch Marking Kit

Great for etching trademarks, serial numbers, measurement rankings, inspection stamps and more. Inspections and inventory control made easy.

Etch-O-Matic Kit

Allows you to electrochemically etch a mark on any metal in seconds. Great for tools, equipment, recreational devices and more.

GMK Grid Marking Kit

The #1 solution for etching a grid pattern on metal blanks. It’s very versatile as it works great on both large and smaller projects.

Recommended Industries

Marking Automotive Parts

Automotive Parts

Marking serial numbers, batch numbers, inspection codes and more becomes increasingly important in the automotive part industry. Trust our Elvem Tracer and Punches for safely marking all necessary identification numbers and more.

Steel Plate Marking

Steel Plates

For all metal marking, including steel plates, the Elvem & Punches offer a formidable solution for printing important information on your products without reducing the quality and integrity of the surface.

Mark on Tags and Keys

Tags & Keys

Marking on keys and tags is what the Elvem Tracer was made for. Mark high quality permanent messages on small surfaces with ease. To punch numbers on, the pryor punches offer a great manual solution as well.

Anser U2 Pro

Prints on Non-Porous Surfaces

High Quality Prints

Quick & Easy Install

Remote Keypad Included

Anser U2 Mobile

Prints on all surfaces

Ultra Lightweight & Portable

Long Lasting Battery

Remote Keypad Included

Anser U2 Standard

Prints on Porous Surfaces

600 dpi for printing HD barcodes

SD Card slot

Remote Keypad Included

Anser U2 Diesel

Prints on all surfaces

Bulk Ink System offered

Built for tough environments

Quick & Easy to install