GMK Grid Marking Kit

Sterling Marking Products is the exclusive distributor in Canada of Lectroetch products, including the Grid Marking Kit.  With the Grid Marking Kit you can etch circular or square patterns using stencils up to 10″ x 20″.

How it works: A wick pad is dampened with electrolyte and placed on the stencil on a metal blank. The marker is rolled or rocked back and forth over the pad and stencil. A clear, sharp, permanent mark is etched in the metal in seconds. The metal is then formed and the distortions of the circles are measured and interpreted. Large areas can be gridded by moving the stencil in steps across the metal blank.

For your grid marking convenience, the kit comes with a rocker pad or a 10” roller marker, the HDU cord set, a measuring tape, a V-45A Power Unit, 1L of Electrolyte and 1L of cleaner.

ID Product Price
GMK GMK Grid marking kit without case $2,085.00
GK GK optional fitted carrying case $515.00
Grid pattern stencils available upon request
GMK Grid Marking Kit