Label Guns

The Smart and & Printex label guns offer you a flexible and versatile solution for marking on virtually anything. They’re commonly used in retail and food packaging environments as it allows our customers to mark the price and dates; as well as being used to apply their brand on individual products before putting them on the shelves.

Our Universal Adhesive Labels allow you to put your labels on almost anything and have it hold up in extreme environments. They’ll fit in most label gun types. With the universal adhesives, products stored in freezers can be marked before and not lose their pricing even at the temperatures they are subjected to. Frozen food products are ideal destinations for these labels. Heat also isn’t a problem.

Smart & Printex Label Guns

Our label guns provide quick and accurate price marking, coding, and dating. Competitive pricing and quantity discounts offered.

Universal Labels

Labels for Smart & Printex as well as Garvey and Contact. Resistant to different temperatures, custom colours and sizing available.

Label Gun Accessories

We offer Custom Slugs and Ink Rolls for a personalized label gun experience. Competitive pricing and quantity discounts offered.

Anser U2 Pro

Prints on Non-Porous Surfaces

High Quality Prints

Quick & Easy Install

Remote Keypad Included

Anser U2 Mobile

Prints on all surfaces

Ultra Lightweight & Portable

Long Lasting Battery

Remote Keypad Included

Anser U2 Standard

Prints on Porous Surfaces

600 dpi for printing HD barcodes

SD Card slot

Remote Keypad Included

Anser U2 Diesel

Prints on all surfaces

Bulk Ink System offered

Built for tough environments

Quick & Easy to install