Lectroetch Marking Kit

Permanently marking on metal in seconds, the LECTROetch marking kit allows you to mark part and serial numbers on any metal products allowing for tracking and inventory control at a later date. It’s great for automotive parts as they are often shaped different and can’t always receive a marking on the production line.

Etching on metals is commonly used in industries such as Aerospace/Aircraft, Automotive/Die tryout, Knife Makers and Medical/Dental trade. The etching is successful in these environments as it does not weaken, deform or contribute to part failure. It can be trusted on critical parts and always holds up.

You can adjust the mark, depth and speed making it is applicable to use for a high number of products. 

ID Product Price
V10AK Portable Marking Kit & power unit $1,440.00
V10A 10A Power unit only $990.00
Custom stencils available upon request
lectroetch marking kit