M-15 Mini Coder

The “Kiss Touch” pressure control makes the  M-15 Mini Coder an ideal tool for marking on all plastic and metal parts, foils, polyethylene, waxed or varnished paper products.

Great for automotive assembly lines and countless other applications. It can print up to 120 impressions per minute so it can keep up with your fast paced environments. It can be mounted from the top, side or bottom if necessary providing you with a lot of flexibility for your marking.

With the Air Logic Control Unit, you can mark even the most delicate parts and expect a clean and consistent mark. This is great for the automotive industry that has critical components that need to remain in the best condition possible. This feature also allows it to compensate for one inch variations so different sized parts will also receive a high quality mark without having to adjust a thing.

M-15 Mini Coder Standard Pricing

ID Product Price
M-15 MIni Coder $2,148.35
M-15-1 Air Logic Kit $2,116.35
M-15-A Coder with Air Logic Kit $3,898.65

Ink Cartridges

The inks are contained in convenient cartridges so there won’t be a mess when they need to be changed on the go.   it’s quick too resulting in less downtime.   You can choose to load with either disposable or refillable cartridges based on specific needs since they work on both non-porous and porous surfaces equally. Any color of ink works on nearly any surface and our industrial specialists will help integrate it with your daily marking processes.

Ink Cartridge Pricing

ID Colour Price
106-63 R2 Black $4.95
106-64 R2 Dark Blue $5.30
106-63-D R2 Dry $4.55
106-79 R2 Green $5.40
M-15 Mini Coder