Meat Packaging

A wide variety of information is required on all meat products sold in distributed in Canada. Among them include best before dates, production dates, lot codes and more. For easy identficiation in the case of a recall, providing relevant information to consumers and more, there’s more than enough reasons to invest in proper marking equipment for your product packaging. Our marking equipment is also used for indicating dureable life date statement, common name, net quantity, storage instructions and more. We offer a number of solutions to met the Meat Inspection Regulations based on your plant size and specific need.

Use our Industrial inkjet coders for rapid product marking on both porous and non porous packaging. Great for lot numbers and best before dates when processing packaged meat in bulk quantities. Our inkjet coders can be installed on nearly any production line and offer reduced downtime and lower starting rates than industry comparable equipment.

Our label guns are offer special features specificially made for packaged meat including freezer grade labels. Mark pricing, establishment numbers and business names using custom attachments to both price your meat and display your name proudly. 

Roller coders offer a timeless solution for printing simple messages on boxes as they roll by such as quantities, dates, weight and more. They’re durable and do the trick!

Mark Pricing

Combine our label guns with our freezer grade labels for pricing your meat; from freezer to retail. Attach your custom Establishment number too.

CFIA Approval

With heavy duty meat stamps at your disposal, mark on all packaging types to display approval, establishment numbers, type and more.

Best Before Dates

Use our inkjet printers to mark on all packaging to display best before dates, batch codes, lot numbers and more. Automated application to increase efficiency.

Meat Marking Solutions

Choose from our most popular meat labelling and identification solutions below. Visit our products page for other top solutions.

Anser U2 Pro for cryovak Packaging

Anser U2 Pro

The Anser U2 Pro prints on non-porous surfaces, effective in food processing industry and more. Has a throw distance of 1/2″.

Anser U2 Standard

Anser U2 Standard

Attach it to any production line and expect high speed printing with high quality marks. Prints on porous surfaces only.

Label Guns for Meat Pricing

Label Guns

Our label guns provide quick and accurate price marking, coding, and dating. Competitive pricing and quantity discounts offered.