Metal Marking

Metal marking & embossing made easy, Sterling Industrial Group offers a variety of high quality marking solutions.  From the Elvem Tracer to steel type and punches, putting identifying information on your metal products and belongings has never been easier.

Elvem Tracer

Permanently mark on a wide variety of component shapes, dimensions and substrates.   Easily adaptable to any environment, task.

Pryor Type & Punches

Mark custom information and trademark designs on metal, plastic, wood and other solid materials. Works with handheld and impact presses.

Photo-Anodized Plates

Aluminum plates in custom sizes and shapes made ready to order. They resist solvents, cleaning and abrasions. Won’t peel or flake.

Lectroetch Marking Kit

Great for etching trademarks, serial numbers, measurement rankings, inspection stamps and more. Inspections and inventory control made easy.

Etch-O-Matic Kit

Allows you to electrochemically etch a mark on any metal in seconds. Great for tools, equipment, recreational devices and more.

GMK Grid Marking Kit

The #1 solution for etching a grid pattern on metal blanks. It’s very versatile as it works great on both large and smaller projects.

Which Metal Product For Your Business?

The Elvem Tracer

Use the Elvem Tracer for marking and indenting on all types of metal and other tough to mark surfaces. Often used to mark serial numbers or tracking Id’s on metal products such as keys, plates and more. Perfect for businesses that are routinely etching on metal.

Top Applications: True Type Fonts, Vin Numbers, Alphanumeric, Data Matrix, Dot Matrix 2D Codes, Shift Codes, Barcodes, Serial Numbers, Date, Time, Letter, Figure, Logos, Graphics & More

Surfaces It Can Mark: Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Steel, Galvanized Steel, Painted Steel, Stainless Steel, Plastic, Ceramic & More

Key Features: High speed marking and deep low stress marks. 

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Pryor Punches

The Pryor Punches are a simple, yet highly effective way of marking on metal. Great for businesses that like to manually indicate business names and numbers on their metal products.

Top Applications: Imprint Part Numbers, Batch Codes, Company Names & More

Surfaces It Can Mark: Metal, Plastic, Wood & Other Solid Metals

Key Features: Interchangeable Steel Types, Customize Logos or Name

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Lectroetch Marking Kit

Permanently mark on any metal in seconds. The Lectroetch permits you to mark part and serial numbers on any metal products. For tracking, identification and inventory control.

Top Applications: Etching part and serial numbers on metals in the Aerospace/aircraft, automotive and medical fields.

Surfaces It Can Mark: Most metal products

Key Features: Adjustable mark, depth and speed making it applicable for countless applications

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Etch-O-Matic Kit

Leave permanent and clear markings on all metals. The kit is smaller in nature, making it portable and highly effective for smaller and one-off jobs. Great for personal use.

Top Applications: Marking personal metal items such as golf clubs, bicycles and silver. Equally effective in retail environments.

Surfaces It Can Mark: Most Metal Surfaces

Key Features: Portable, kit includes everything you need to get started. Also highly effective on round surfaces. Write your own message with the tool.

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Grid Marking Kit

We are the exlusive dealer in Canada for the Lectroetch Grid Marking Equipment. Etch circular or square patterns on metal surfaces for stress testing. Will not compromise strength of metal, making it incredibly valuable in aerospace and automotive industries.

Top Applications: Marking grids for purpose of stress testing.

Surfaces It Can Mark: Most Metal Surfaces

Key Features: Works just as well on large and small surfaces, simply move the tool along large surfaces to extend the grid.

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