Metal Marking

We have numerous products that are specially created for marking on steel, aluminum, brass, copper, ceramic and other tough surfaces. As the requirements for permanently marking on such historically tough surfaces are different, so too are the products. Should you need to mark serial numbers on metal parts, names on tags and everything in between, we have the machinery for you.

We supply metal marking products to various manufacturers for marking logos and required information on manufactured parts. XL Tool Inc, is one of our clients using the Elvem Tracer for marking logos on their metal products, distinguishing them from their competitors. The simplicity of the equipment allows the possibility of marking on a variety of metal products.

Serial Numbers

Etch serial numbers, bar codes and other tracking and identification information into your metal products with no compromise to the integrity.


Mark part numbers, types and more on all metal products. Especially effective in the automotive industry for part identification.


Your brand, your trademarks. Apply the information you need on the toughest surfaces of your metal products. A variety of options available.

Most Popular Metal Marking Products

Choose from our most popular metal marking solutions. Visit our full products page for other solutions not found here.

Elvem Tracer for marking on metal

Elvem Tracer

Permanently mark on a wide variety of component shapes, dimensions and substrates. Easily adaptable to any environment, task.

Punches for Marking on Metal

Pryor Type & Punches

Mark custom information and trademark designs on metal, plastic, wood and other solid materials. Works with handheld and impact presses.

Lectroetch Marking Kit

Lectroetch Marking Kit

Great for etching trademarks, serial numbers, measurement rankings, inspection stamps and more. Inspections and inventory control made easy.