Customizable Marking Solutions

As we strive to provide the solution for all marking needs our product line continues to grow in number and strength. In our miscellaneous product you can find some of our latest and greatest products. Our branding Irons are a top solution for branding on any finished wood products. Production Whiteboards are made without a core allowing them to last many years in tougher environments such as food production. Cement Markers are still the top way of branding any finished cement job, simply press the stamp in and let the impression dry. Denture Marking Kits are frequently used by dental associations and senior homes for their ability to safely mark on dentures.

Branding Irons

The number one solution for branding your logo on wood and leather surfaces. Customize your branding head for increased brand recognition. Different types and sizes offered.

production whiteboard for all environments

Production Whiteboards

Made without a core with food processing environments in mind.  You can submit custom artwork files and we’ll custom build the whiteboard for you. Magnetic option available.

Cement Markers

For your next cement job, permanently mark your logo on the drying cement. Customize it with your logo and finish date.   Perfect opportunity to make your mark.

Denture Marking Kits

Look to the Denture Marking Kit for marking dentures for the purpose of tracking and identification.  Great for senior homes, hospitals or even personal usage. Safe ink works on a variety of surfaces.

Anser U2 Pro

Prints on Non-Porous Surfaces

High Quality Prints

Quick & Easy Install

Remote Keypad Included

Anser U2 Mobile

Prints on all surfaces

Ultra Lightweight & Portable

Long Lasting Battery

Remote Keypad Included

Anser U2 Standard

Prints on Porous Surfaces

600 dpi for printing HD barcodes

SD Card slot

Remote Keypad Included

Anser U2 Diesel

Prints on all surfaces

Bulk Ink System offered

Built for tough environments

Quick & Easy to install