Non-Contact Product & Date Coding

Stering Industrial Group offers high quality inkjet marking products with various capabilities for solutions across all industries. Our non-contact coding machines offer the solution to marking on fragile products, rounded edges, uneven surfaces and more!

Best Code

The Best Code is an ideal solution for fruit & vegetable industries as it’s powerful throw distance permits it to print on objects of varying shapes & sizes.

Squid Ink Series 

The Squid Ink Series Inkjet Printers offer solutions to numerous marking challenges as we carry three different types with different capabilities for your convenience.

Reiner Handheld

The Reiner Handheld Inkjet Printer is a great solution for manual coding on items that aren’t on automated production lines. Code with ease with this light handheld option.

Which Non-Contact Coder is right for your business?

The Best Code is your top choice for marking on fruit and vegetables packages as it’s relentless speeds and ability to print on porous surfaces make it a great choice for your facility. With a full colour LED screen you can easily program codes to suit your needs.

The Squid Ink Series offers a variety of high powered industrial coding units that can mark on numerous surfaces. They’re highly effective, reliable and efficient when coding on all packaged goods. Use them for applying codes that need to be highly visible.

The Reiner is your mobile coder for all products that are not on a production line. Take it with you, apply at any surface and at any angle for a convenient coding experience. Performs great in warehouses and on large objects.