Used for the identification of switches, buttons, panels, and to provide information on machinery and equipment. We offer asset tags, lamicoid plates, photo-anodized plates and more, to suit your needs. Request a quote for your custom order by emailing

Whenever you have important information that needs to last and not fade away you can count on our photo anodized aluminum plates. These metal plates resist solvents, cleaning and abrasions, nor will they peel or crack.  You’ll often see photo anodized aluminum plates attached to telephone poles, transformers, fencing and a variety of equipment.



  • Asset Tags available in many different sixes, materials, colours, hole sizes and placements.
  • Stamped or Laser-Etched, Aluminum, Coloured Aluminum, Stainless Steel or Brass
  • Bar Code Tags for identification of skids, Industrial Racking and Shelving
  • Heavy Duty, Harsh Environment, Aluminum and Polyurethane tags and Labels
  • Affix with adhesive backing, epoxy, weld or holes with rivets, screws or nails



  • Lamicoid plates available in 1/16″ 2 ply or 1/8″ 3 ply thickness engraving stock
  • Resistant to UV, abraison, temperature, corrosion, and chemicals
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor applications. Metallic plastic unsuitable for outdoor
  • Wide variety of standard colours available


Photo Anodized Plates