Roller Coders for Non-Porous Surfaces

Choose from a variety of units depending on size and marking surface. These printers were made specifically for printing on non-porous surfaces, product engineering accounts for specific needs of fast drying inks. Common problems with extremely fast drying solvent based inks eliminated as a result of specific product engineering. Incorporates both ink roll and an anilox roll in tightly sealed aluminum housing which enables use of inks that dry as fast as 2 seconds.

Non-Porous Mini-Coders

The smallest of our fixed mounted Non-Porous coders

  • Available in both side mount and top mount configurations, indexing and non-indexing models
  • These coders feature a 1" x 9.1" print area and are recommended for use with 5/8" and smaller Unilok rubber type.
  • A quick change feature enables the print drums to be pulled off the axle without the use of tools to facilitate off-line code changes
  • All coders are constructed from precision machined aluminum and stainless steel component parts
Non-Porous Mini Coders

Non-Porous Midsize Coders

Top mounted coders are ideal for continuous web printing on plastic films and side mounted models are particularly well suited for installation on carton sealing machinery

  • Available in 12", 15" & 18" circumference print drum models which are interchangeable in the field
  • Indexing models feature a compression spring operated cam index mechanism for accurate indexing action even on short cartons or slow moving conveyor lines
  • Models available in 1" & 2" print widths
  • Can be used with a variety of our inks depending on the application
  • The long frame design and extended deflection capabilities even permit in-line coding on the sides of metal or plastic drums
Midsize Coders for Non Porous Surfaces

Non-Porous Conveyor Line Printers

Sealed ball bearings provide smooth, low friction print drum rotation and enable print speeds up to 1,000 fpm when used with our Programmable Ink Delivery Systems

  • Indexing and non-indexing models area available in both 1" and 2" print widths
  • The CLPs are the largest of our conveyor mounted coders and feature 18" circumference print drums
  • Indexing models feature dual compression springs mounted over stainless steel guide shafts which results in extremely fast indexing action and unsurpassed durability
Midsize Coders for Coneyor Line Printing

HPNP-100 Series Hand Printers

The perfect solution for applying date codes, lot numbers and other product information on metals, glass, plastic, rubber and other non-porous materials

  • Indexing and non-indexing models are available, both featuring a 1" x 9.1" print area
  • Universal's new disposable Type MT Ink rolls produce dense black marks which dry in 4 - 6 seconds at 75 degree F. ambient temperatures
  • Optional, re-inkable XF Neoprene Ink Rolls can be used with #100 Inks for 2 second dry times.
HPNP 100 Series Hand Printer for mobile non porous printing