Choose from a variety of high quality contact marking solutions for your industrial needs. Mark on a variety of surfaces. Choose the best fit for your application. If unsure, contact one of our marking specialists and we’ll make sure the product works for you.


Designed for non-contact applications where color coded spots or stripes are required for production identification or acceptance/rejection indication is needed.

The Micro-Spray Spot Marker is lightweight and is the smallest on the market. It’s capable of marking spots of ¼”-1” diameter on both porous and non-porous surfaces. It’s built for tough environments requiring low maintenance and not having to worry about it breaking or malfunctioning. It is most commonly used with 850 ink; however, it can be substituted for different types to meet your individual marketing needs.

The Micro-Spray Spot Marker is a great option when requiring spot marks to identify different products down the road. Commonly used in vehicle part manufacturing plants as its rugged build can survive such an environment whereas some of the competing spot markers cannot. It’s size additionally allows it to mark unorthodox shapes and sizing.

Micro-Spray Spot Marker Pricing

ID Product Price
USMR-20AF Adjustable Flow Control Spray Marker $1265.00
Micro-Spray Spot Markers


Valve-action tip produces a round colour spot on any smooth, dry work piece. Ask about our touch marking systems.

The inspection markers are commonly used for part manufacturing plants that require quick manual markings following an inspection for quality. Being able to mark quickly allows your facility to maintain necessary production speeds. The markings are long lasting, durable and most importantly, highly visible. You can choose between a few colours including black, yellow, blue, red, green & white.

The most common ink type used for the Inspection Markers is the 1061 ink, however it can be substituted to meet your individual marking requirements. Order them in a set or individually based on how many you’ll need.

Inspection Marker Pricing

ID Product Price
PB-5 1/4″ Spot Marker Uninked $9.95
PB-5Inked 1/4″ Spot Marker with Ink $16.95
PB-5-T Replacement Tip $8.65
Inspection Markers for Inspecting