Squid Ink Series Printers is a line we are proud to carry as they are innovative printers that have countless capabilities.  With three different Squid Ink Printers, the SQ/2 DOD Dot Matrix, the SQ/2 Scorpion DOD and the PZ4 Series II each specifically created for certain environments and applications. They can print on both porous and non-porous surfaces allowing markings to remain clear and consistent on any surface.

High quality designed for day to day operation

  • Prints character sizes for 1/4″ (7mm) to 3/4″ (19mm) up to 64 messages.
  • Two types available: Water based for printing porous surfaces and a solvent based for non-porous surfaces.
  • Select between three different print sizes and one or two printheads from the same controller.
  • Starting from $1,900.00.

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Prints 5 different character sizes from 3/8′ (1cm) to 1-3/4′ (4.4cm) at a character height of 100% or 70%

  • Stores up to 128 messages.
  • Available in water based or solvent based ink.
  • Also available with single or dual 7-dot printheads OR single split-line printheads in 2 different character sizes.
  • Starting from $2,600.00.

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Innovative PZ Pilot is a cost-effective alternative for your small character product marking applications

  • Print multiple lines and up to 4 print heads.
  • Character sizes .7″ (1.8cm) to 1.4″ (3.6cm).
  • Stores unlimited number of messages.
  • Water-based or solvent based.
  • Starting from $9,900.00.

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Squid Ink Series Inkjet Printers SQ/2 DOD Dot Matrix