We offer a variety of custom stamps to suit every application.   Industrial stamps for tough environments are pre-inked and designed specifically for tough environments.  Will mark on non-porous surfaces and are re-inkable.  The Inspector stamps are an easy solution for quick inspection marking on porous surfaces or even for popular frequent buyer cards and more. Traditional rubber stamps are available with true rubber dies for use with specialty fast drying inks and jumbo sizes.  Combine the traditional stamps with the various inks and pads  to get the best impression every time for your application.


Permanent and water resistant for hard to mark surfaces and harsh manufacturing environments.


Ideal for frequent buyer cards, bulk mail, initials and numbers for inspections. Handy & durable.


Traditional Rubber Stamps for all kinds of applications. Different dies and inks to suit your custom mark.


Stamp pads for fast dry ink or large stamp applications. 


Anser U2 Pro

Prints on Non-Porous Surfaces

High Quality Prints

Quick & Easy Install

Remote Keypad Included

Anser U2 Mobile

Prints on all surfaces

Ultra Lightweight & Portable

Long Lasting Battery

Remote Keypad Included

Anser U2 Standard

Prints on Porous Surfaces

600 dpi for printing HD barcodes

SD Card slot

Remote Keypad Included

Anser U2 Diesel

Prints on all surfaces

Bulk Ink System offered

Built for tough environments

Quick & Easy to install