manufactured wood marking

Wood Manufacturing

From tracking batches to ensuring you have the necessary IPPC Codes on your wood, we have printers that can keep up with your powerful production lines. Everything from Hardwood flooring, pallet marking, building materials and finished products, they all require some sort of marking. The printers we carry can print on the necessary industry codes, identification numbers and logos for branding purposes. With constantly changing regulations it’s important to have the technology to keep up with what’s required of your products. The importance of reliable marking solutions is increased as we try to track the shipping of wood as it can carry potential harmful specimens for its destination.

Use our branding irons with your own customized head for putting your business name on all your custom projects such as cabinets, wood artwork, decks and more. 

Wood Grade Types

Wood Grade

Display important information such as the grade for end users, contractors and retail environments with high visibility, permanent markings.

Ippc Coding

IPPC Codes

Indicate that your wood has been treated to standards with inkjet coders that can keep up with your production times. Legibility is important.

Wood Identification Magnifying Glass

Mill ID

Make sure all wood products that leave your facility carry your name on them for future re-ordering, verficiation of quality and more. Apply your Mill ID with ease.

Popular Wood Marking Products

Choose from some of our most popular wood marking solutions below. Visit our full product selection for our other solutions.

Anser U2 Diesel Marks on WOod

Anser U2 Diesel

Optional Bulk-Inking System permits cost effective printing. Prints on porous surfaces, great for IPPC Coding and more!

Anser U2 Standard for all porous surfaces

Anser U2 Standard

Attach it to any production line and expect high speed printing with high quality marks. Prints on porous surfaces only.

Branding on wood with the Branding Irons

Branding Irons

The number one solution for branding your logo on wood and leather surfaces. Customize your branding head for increased brand recognition. Different types and sizes offered.